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SM Code : FE0151

Model : 6D16
Reference : MC427073C
Description : Cable, Accelerator, 1925mm


SM Code : FE0171

Model : 6D17
Reference : MK601984
Description : Cable, Accelerator


SM Code : FE0172

Model : 6D14 , 6D16 Mignon , FH215
Reference : MC064414
Description : Cable, Accelerator, 2280mm


SM Code : FE0173

Model : 6D17 New
Reference :
Description : Cable, Accelerator, 3200mm


SM Code : FE0174

Model : 6D16 , 6D17
Reference : MC412628
Description : Cable, Accelerator Control, 3040mm


SM Code : FE0181

Model : 6D16
Reference : MC421332
Description : Cable, Engine Stop


SM Code : FE0182

Model : 6D17
Reference :
Description : Cable, Engine Stop


SM Code : FE0364

Model : FH2## , FP5## , FV5##
Reference : MB249318 , MC859060
Description : Switch, Accelerator Pedal


SM Code : FE0371

Model : FH2##
Reference : MB390901 , MB390902
Description : Assembly, Accelerator Pedal



Any names, reference numbers or model numbers used anywhere on this website are for reference purposes only.
Nowhere is it suggested that these parts are genuine or supplied by Mitsubishi Motors.
All parts shown here are replacement quality parts made by Supreme Motors and packed in "SM Supreme Brand"

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